DASUNG-Paperlike,World's First E Ink Monitor


The World's First E Ink Monitor

Relax Your Eyes

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Ultimate Eye Protection

No blue light, No flashing, No backlight, No glossy

Paperlike revolutionizes the convention of a display by bringing the digital space into the paper of real world. To protect eyes, health, and well-being, DASUNG profoundly follows the natural laws of maintaining the way of our human ancestors have been reading the texts and images.


Eye pains

We know your pain.You may even feel a headache when facing the computer.

Kids and Teens

You have to learn from a computer.However, your eyes in development stage are very fragile.

Office workers

Eight hours a day staring at the computer,Do your eyes hurt?

The elder

With the age growing, eyes will be drier and easier to be tired.


DASUNG is a creative group founded in March 2014 by science fiction writer Dong Gong, Dr. Ray Chen, and Hiro Gong. Our team comes from China Aerospace Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, MIT, Belarusian State University, and other top academies.